Doge Back – 埃隆马斯克的新好友


Doge Back – Elon’s New Best Friend

The world of cryptocurrency is still in its infancy. It’s scary to some, it’s an opportunity to others, and for some, it’s a full time job where they work out new business models, strategies, investment opportunities and at great pace.

Doge Back is a new DeFi token which when investors hold, they also earn DogeCoin – Elon Musks favourite currency. It’s certainly got a lot of interest already, including Shibetoshi Nakamoto’s supports on twitter.

“It’s been like cramming in consumer research, marketing, testing, feedback loops, development, branding, all into a couple of months.” – says one of the Doge Back team – “Everyone in this space is learning as we go, but it’s about identifying what’s trending or popular, but then building up a very solid trustworthy product around that. It’s about speed, but being thorough.”

Formed in the embers of a telegram group for a rugged token (where liquidity isn’t locked and then removed by the token creators), the Doge Back team have gone on to create not only safe tokens, but a community of investors who support and champion their project – something invaluable in the DeFi space.

Hold to Earn

Doge Back works with a very basic principle. On every transaction, there is a tax, which is split three ways: a “buy back” which helps keep the chart healthy, a portion for ongoing marketing and emergency capital injection in times of volatility, but most pertinently, a mechanism which buys Doge Coin (the poster child of the crypto community) and distributes amongst the Doge Back holders. On launch night, holders were seeing hundreds of dollars’ worth of Doge hit their wallets, both increasing Doge Back value, and making Elon Musk’s coin of choice Doge Coin increase too.

The team are as transparent as you can get in this space. They’ve openly communicated about having small developer wallets, the contract was shared hours before presale, liquidity is locked, and the developer team spend hours a day personally answering questions on their telegram channel. Channel to support in Chinese is also availbale.

They’ve also been using these wallets to reward active members of the community and the moderators of the chat.

There’s no “tried and tested” marketing in this world, so the team are constantly looking for the best opportunities. But their work so far has been seriously impressive. Record listing time on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko has been followed with long term project partnerships with peachfolio (an up and coming portfolio app), open AMA sessions, giveaways, and listening to investors – something scarcely seen.

All this and still under a weeks old. You can find more information about DogeBack on their website.

Doge Back – 埃隆 马斯克的新好友


Doge Back是一种新的DeFi代币,当投资者持有时,他们也会获得大狗币DogeCoin–Elon Musks最喜欢的货币。Dogeback已经引起了很多人的兴趣,包括大狗创始人including Shibetoshi Nakamoto在推特的公开站台。

“这就像在消费者研究、营销、测试、反馈循环、开发、品牌推广中塞满东西一样,整个过程都持续了几个月。” – Doge Back 项目方团队的核心成员说 – “这个领域的每个人都在学习,但这是关于确定趋势或流行的东西,然后围绕它建立一个非常可靠的产品。 这关乎速度,但更要全面可信。”

Doge Back团队在电报组的余烬中形成了一个坚固的代币(流动性不被锁定,然后由代币创造者移除),他们不仅创造了安全的代币,而且创造了一个支持和支持他们项目的投资者社区–这在DeFi空间是非常宝贵的。


Doge Back以一个非常基本的原则运作。每笔交易都有税收,税收分三部分:”回购”,帮助保持图表的健康,一部分用于持续的营销和波动时期的紧急资本注入,但最重要的是,10%的税收购买大狗币DogeCoin, 并在Doge Back持有人中分配的机制。发售当晚,持有者看到价值数百美元的Doge进入他们的钱包,既增加了Doge Back的价值,也令狗背持有者同时拥有Elon Musk选择的Doge Coin。



这个世界上没有“久经考验”的营销,所以团队一直在寻找最好的机会。 但到目前为止,他们的工作令人印象深刻。 在 CoinMarketCap 和 CoinGecko 上创纪录的上市时间紧随其后的是与 peachfolio(一个即将推出的投资组合应用程序)的长期项目合作伙伴关系、开放的 AMA 会议、赠品和听取投资者的意见——这是很少见的。



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